Aman Montenegro

Corneliani Passions spring summer 2018



Sneakers Valentino

Thirty six hours

Killer Dress


Kristell is French/Singaporean Chinese, pluri cultural, and has lived many lives in different countries before making her way to NYC.

Vincent is French from Paris, has always been passionate about film making, which his modeling career helped sustain.

He has been working with a previous partner, and when that didn’t last, Kristell filled in for one job as a favor… and they’ve never stopped working together since.

Different, complimentary, and joined by a similar vision and artistic view: a love for narrative and a desire to always convey a message through their work.

Inspired by the people they meet, their stories, the traveling, and the quirky ways life works out, they never run short of stories to tell and write on their free time aspiring festival pieces.

In 2016 they win the « best perfomance » prize at Madrid fashion movie festival with their short-film « 36 hours ».