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Alexandre Silberstein creates performances combining sculpture, music and narration. His recent works in recycled paper are modular, nomadic and compact forms, which question our relationship to space and our impact on it. Associated with the women and men around him, he offers plays in the middle of nature. Staged with shadows, they are only the end of a long walk on forest or park trails. For some projects, he has fun creating treasure hunts that give spectators an actor role. Try to break down the passive aspect that we maintain with work.

In 2014, he received the Nespresso Video award. In 2016, he presented his first exhibition in Paris, curated by Matthieu Lelièvre, in the Laurent Mueller gallery. During the same year, he was one of the 11 artists selected for the Bourse Révélation Emerige, curated by Gaël Charbau. In 2018, he constructed a sensorial experience to present a collection for the brand Side Project, at the Palais de Tokyo. For the past years he has collaborate with the curators Marie Madec, Robert Brambora, Nicolas de Ribou and Chloé Royer. In 2019, at the second edition of Feÿ — Rencontres d’arts (Yonne), a multidisciplinary arts festival, he presented an installation, a shadow theatre and a treasure hunt that took place in the nearby forest surrounding a castle.

Simultaneously and for the ten past years, he has collaborates on the identity of luxury and fashion brands directing videos and virtual experiences for Uniqlo, Coperni, J.M. Weston or Bureau Future.

Alexandre lives and works in Paris.